As promised, here is a link to the Arcade

The Theater!

Here are some pictures of the theater and the hand painted pictures I talk about on
They were all painted by a neighbor of mine who is an incredible painter

Looking into the Theater

Another View at the door

A view from the left of the Screen

A view from the Right side of the Screen

Another View from the Ride side of the screen

From the "cheap seats" (Back Row)

Equipment, and the "closet" door (Which is actually just to access the electric box, etc.

Equipment. From Top:
-Television for Recording Setup
-LaserDisc Player with 480p Converter
-MediaMVP to play videos from my server
-Sony 400 Disc DVD Changer with HDMI out to Projector
-Yamaha RX-V1 Receiver
-Sony Single Disc Changer
-Dish Network 921 for HD OTA, and all Satellite -The DVD Stand has all the DVD's, and the ones in the changer are marked with a spine label with the slot number

Casablanca Painting

Finding Nemo Painting

Fantasia Painting

The Blues Brothers Painting

Willy Wonka Painting

Airplane Painting

Jaws Painting

No, the paintings are not for sale!