Here is a link to the Home Theater

The Arcade!

Here are some pictures of the Arcade

Walking into the basement. This is the view

The view down the basement length

SubRoc 3D, and a Reel Poker Game

Gorf, Dlx Space Invaders, Ataxx, and two japanese slot machines

Comet, Star Trek: TNG

Jungle Queen (My first machine in 1982), and Sinbad

Firepower, and Counterforce

Haunted House, Star Wars

Playboy, Countdown

Space Invaders, Space Shuttle

Pac Mac, Genesis

Skee Ball

Burger Time in a Scramble Cabinet


Here is a picture of the arcade area right after I moved over 15 years ago. Yup, it needed filling up with machines.

This machine is outside of the basement, no more room